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Helped optimize, streamline and redesign elements of the Berkshire South website to improve conversion and overall user experience. Refined website internal systems to make program registrations easier for users to fill out and staff to set up. Consulting about design, technology, software for internal and external use. Graphic design work creating materials for 20th Anniversary Gala.

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Website Design & Development
Website Care
Graphic Design
Ongoing Support (retainer)

Created multiple 24 x 36″ posters to showcase Berkshire South’s impact over the years across their numerous departments for their 20th Anniversary Gala. Designed in an infographic style to highlight key stats.

“Working with Dylan over the past year has been such a pleasure! He’s knowledgeable, smart, and creative with fantastic attention to detail. He’s also tremendously conscientious, timely and responsive, and a wonderful communicator. What’s more, he’s kind! I can’t recommend him enough.”

— Elissa, Berkshire South Regional Community Center

Made information on long pages faster and easier to access with “Jump To” secondary navigations, allowing users to quickly get to the section of the page they’re looking for.

Newsletter sign up forms were added above the footer on every page. This highly visible and visually consistent placement made for a good alternative to pop-ups, which didn’t resonate with their target market.

Created new program registration, contact, membership and employment forms that are easier for users to fill out and dynamically routed to the correct departments, facilitating


+ submissions and counting

Removed unused photos and media, optimized the database and cut the overall installation size from 2.65 GB to 1.57 GB

a savings of over


Utilizing advanced caching and optimization features, the site went from a GTmetrix Grade of D, a Performance Score of 57% and a Largest Contentful Paint score of 3.3 seconds to a Grade of A, a Performance Score of 92% and a Largest Contentful Paint score of 776 milliseconds.

Reduced load time of content within the viewport by over -2.5 seconds

D ➝ A

57% ➝ 92%

3.3s ➝ 776ms

Compressed images load faster, require less bandwidth and save storage space. By using advanced image compression, overall image sizes have been reduced by and average of


By adding strategically placed newsletter sign up forms with unique call-to-actions throughout the site, we captured


+ new engaged contacts and counting

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